coastline catch special
hawaiian butterfish
crab rangoon
lemon strawberry thyme napoleon
panna cotta trio
strawberry cheesecake eggroll
apple cider pork chop
bubble tea
cookie monster cheesecake
black out cake
beet salad
chocolate candy cane cheesecake
blueberry waffle
unicorn waffle
red velvet waffle

salmon blt salad
shrimp and fish tacos
The Hawaiian Beyond Burger
beef and chicken tacos
Merry Berry Smoothie
BBQ Veggie Tofu Wrap
fried tofu
cheese steak pierogi

Loaded steak fries
fried pickles w/ chipotle ranch
italian wine dinner
italian wine dinner
scenes from our italian wine dinner
heirloom tomato caprese salad w/ crispy pancetta
sundried tomato shrimp